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Which shoes? Tan boots or black booties?

  1. gretchenmurvine said: Black
  2. socalledlife said: Booties!
  3. justtttme said: Booties!
  4. aaisfor said: Booties!
  5. lazydad said: Tan boots! But what do I know, I’m wearing flip flops right now.
  6. myinnervoicespeaks said: Booties
  7. kimbaland said: booties make you look super tall and super lean :)
  8. emphasisadded said: Booties, I think. You look beautiful!
  9. shedidntsaythat said: black booties!
  10. igotfeldup said: Booties!
  11. jodilyn said: i like the booties!
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